Who are we?

REMAR USA is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to help people with problems dealing with drugs, alcohol, homelessness and others that are  disregarded by society through our long term Christian rehabilitation program.  In Spanish REMAR is an abbreviation which means "Rehabilitation of People on the Margin of Society".  It is an expression of part of the body of Christ through the church here on Earth. 

The first step we have here at the REMAR USA is at a farm.  We call this the "First Phase".  We place our volunteers who come to Remar with problems out of the city away from all the evils of the world and the life they are accustomed to.  It is a calm, serene, place where they can start to begin to get new life habits and clean their life up in a Christian family atmosphere.  In order for them to learn new habits we do set up some rules and guidelines for them to follow while they are participating in the activities here at Remar USA and so they can learn to respect others and build good relationship with one another.  While on the farm they are subject to doing different activities.  They start the day off by doing a devotional in a group.  Then they help out with the chores on the farm that include feeding cows, chickens, pigs and horses and maintenance on the buildings at the farm. By giving them occupational therapy it will help them keep their mind off of thinking of negative things and of the worlds bad influences. 

After approximately two months at the farm the people are sent to a house in Miami, Lakeland, Austin, or Newark.  This is called the "Second Phase".  The structure of the second phase is almost the same as the first phase.  They still have rules and guidelines to go by but they have some added responsibilities when they get into this phase.  The responsibilities can range from driving a truck for a moving job, washing cars, painting houses, working on the computer, calling places for donations, answering phone calls, etc.  The whole purpose of this is to be reintroduced back in to society. With this happening this places them in the "outside world" and they may start dealing with problems that they have in the past before they came to Remar.  But now they have been away from society for two months and they can start thinking with a clearer head and mind and deal with situations differently than they might have in the past.  Being honest, having integrity and extending a helping hand to help others in need are showing the love of Jesus Christ. 

The time of the rehabilitation program is a year.  After they serve the year here and after the Second Phase is completed they have the opportunity to be in the "Third Phase" of the program.  The Third Phase consists of staying with the ministry of Remar and serving God.  If they feel the call from the Lord to serve Him and to help others the way that they have been helped they can live a life of joy and happiness by serving the Lord and His people.