HELP US TO HELP OTHERS


Becoming a participating member and bringing a financial contribution periodically.
Sponsoring one or more children in Remar in the Third World.

Lending or donating a property to be used in one of the various Remar objectives.

Donating any kind of materials which will help us to fill 5 containers monthly with humanitarian aid goods which we send to countries of the Third World where Remar is working: vehicles, machinery, furniture, clothing, food, table linen and cutlery, bed linen and towels, computer equipment, etc.

Giving some of your time to transmit your experience to others, or to take part actively in volunteer work.

Deciding to work full-time as a volunteer or missionary in one of the many different areas of Remar activities: radio, professional training workshops, shops, etc.

Helping to develop the Remar businesses in order to increase profits and thus be able to support and extend the social work.

Some people prefer to make gifts from time to time to the organization, to give support in general to the carrying out of the objectives.

And, above all, you can help by praying for us, so that we can carry on and that God may continue to help us in this task of doing good, day and night, without becoming wearied.

Inheritances and Legacies

If you believe that, when you are no longer in need of it, your patrimony can help to eradicate poverty or fight against the maltreatment of children …. Don’t you think it might be a good idea to include REMAR in your last wishes? If you are in agreement with this idea, there are two ways in which you can contribute, without any need for this to affect the direct beneficiaries of your wealth.

A Legacy
You can assign some of your wealth to the REMAR projects. By this method, you could give a fixed amount of money or a percentage of the possessions belonging to you at the time of your decease. It would also be possible to give a legacy in the form of articles (properties, works of art, jewellery, etc.)

An Inheritance
If you have no direct heir, there is the possibility of giving all your patrimony to the support of the work of REMAR in the under-developed countries.


Businesses can also play their part in a practical way by donating some of their products.

Aware of the solidarity of many businessmen, we should like to approach you to request your collaboration in the form of products from your business.
These can be cleaning or personal hygiene products … or goods with damaged packaging, imperfect in some way, unable to be sold but perfectly useable, clothing which is out of season or slightly torn but which can be sent in humanitarian aid containers to the poorer countries, machinery, vehicles, domestic utensils, computer equipment, etc.

Food which is near to its “sell by” date, or is in dented tins, etc. but which we can make use of and which we are always prepared to collect ourselves.

REMAR, a Christian organization offering social aid completely free of charge, takes full responsibility for the use of any goods or food products you give us permission to pick up from your business, and you yourselves will be free from any accountability in relation to the products because they will have been donated.

The few grants which Remar receives are used to pay the costs of shipping the containers which we send every week to the Third World.
If we can be of help to you in any way please feel free to contact us, and you have an open invitation to visit our community homes where you will receive a warm welcome.
We can give you more details about our work, or even arrange to give informative talks, if you wish.