Our Principles and Our Values

                                                                               Our Principles

                                                                                Our Values

The PRINCIPLES which govern our management are: 
- A commitment to the mission of the organization and enthusiasm in the work. We are committed to the mission of the organization and we act with initiative and creativity, encouraging team work.
- Working in networks and alliances. We aim to work with other organizations, through networks and alliances, which are committed towards the eradication of poverty and the building of a world of justice.
- Transparency and availability of the accounts. Our rule for management is austerity and strictness in the use of resources, and we act always with complete transparency, giving account to our members, to the beneficiaries of our actions, and to society in general. 

In REMAR we work towards: 
- A search for equality and social justice as a means of achieving a fairer and more humane world.
- The encouragement of processes of balanced development, of a kind which can become self-supporting beyond our intervention, with the aim of changing structures which, in turn, will bring wider positive repercussions. Solidarity and Commitment with and towards those who are socially marginalized and less favored.
- A deep respect for democratic values.
- A search for the sustainability of natural resources.

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The culture which orients our organization and the management of resources is governed by the following VALUES:

Ultimate values (relative to the vision):
- The dignity of the individual, the centre and foundation of every social, economic, political and cultural project.
- The universal distribution of wealth, oriented to guarantee decent living conditions for all.
- The common good, which we believe is reached when human rights are guaranteed, respected, and promoted.
- Solidarity, as a firm determination to work towards justice, in an organized and persevering manner, to bring a dignified life to the most impoverished on this planet.
- Acting as subsidiaries, not imposing our way of seeing and doing things, but responding to the demands of the men and women of the nations and sharing with them the responsibility for their own development.

Instrumental values (relative to the mission):
- A volunteer scheme as a culture of service free-of-charge, offering an alternative to economic competition, leading to the transformation of society to one of more justice and solidarity. The volunteer assumes the responsibilities of the organs of government, direction and management.
- Austerity concerning costs and consumer items oriented towards a sharing and development of life styles which can be self-financing, and which respect the environment.
- A culture of peace, based on dialogue, reconciliation, friendship and respect for life, and in no circumstances collaborating with any actions which are warlike, partisan, or which imply violence towards human beings or nature.
- Cooperation and coordination with other organizations in order to attend the needs of all people in a situation of exclusion, with no distinction according to sex, race, country or religion.
- Independence of action in the choice of campaigns of sensitization and in support of development projects.
- Quality and professionalism in all its activities.
- Transparency in the attraction, management and administration of resources, looking to a greater economic independence