More than 150 women attend "Luncheon for friends", Remar in Zaragoza.

With the participation of more than 150 women, a meeting was held under the name “ Luncheon for friends“, organized by the NGO REMAR and the church, Body of Christ in Zaragoza, which was attended by several women invited by friends and sisters, with the aim to get closer, to create bonds of friendships, to bring the message of the good news, to get to know their needs and to enjoy a time of communion and relationship among friends.


Remar Zaragoza creating life and fulfilling the calling of bring the good news to those in need.


The event counted with the participation of several hosts, among them Ani López, Amparo Pinilla and a team of women who have worked tirelessly to conduct this event.


During the meeting there were words of welcome, the presentation of a play, dances prepared by girls and teenagers, testimonies, music, a word of hope shared by Amparo Pinilla and snacks were also given out.


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