To finish of the visit of Miguel Diez (Pastor and President of REMAR International) and his wife Mari Carmen Jimenez to the city of La Paz, Bolivia, a Conference for Women was held with the theme “Supernatural Women” with the participation of dozens of women who were invited.


There was a time of praise and worship, the word of God was given by Mari Carmen Jimenez who gave wise words, after that there was a discussion of questions where many of them participated.


“In our day the word supernatural is understood as divine power manifested through miracles. Supernatural refers to the need, to search for, and the importance of miracles, and the role they play in the life of the church.” These are the words transmitted to us by those who attended the conference.


The NGO REMAR in Bolivia thanks God for the visit of Miguel and Mari Carmen, for their love and wisdom and for these days of great blessing and communion among brothers and friends.

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