Remar S.O.S. Mexico distributes food to dozens of needy families

The NGO REMAR in the city of Guadalajara has activated the emergency protocol de the situation lived in this country, sharing food to low-income families on a daily basis that due to the situation.


On a daily basis, the volunteers and missionaries of the NGO Remar travel to areas in Guadalajara Sur, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, La Noria and Abedules, among others, going out to a different neighborhood daily, reaching poorest areas of the cities, carrying boxes with food, fruits, vegetables, beverages, sweet and savory bread, they don’t only carry food but also a word of encouragement and faith for the times we are living in.

“As long as God gives us the power of grace and the strength, we will continue our work of bringing food to those in need.” Luis Lopez Criado, Pastor and director of Remar Mexico.


We will continue to report on the work carried out daily by the volunteers of Remar S.O.S in Guadalajara, Mexico a work carried out daily for the love of God and those who need it the most.

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