Remar Brazil, facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remar Brazil, facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brazil recorded in the last 24 hours almost 900 new deaths from coronavirus, and the total number of deaths from the disease now stands at more than 125,000, although authorities insist that the pandemic has begun to show signs of stabilization.


According to the daily bulletin issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Health on Friday, the number of confirmed cases on the last day reached more than 50,000, bringing the accumulated number of infections to almost 4,100,800 in the country, which, with 210 million inhabitants, is in absolute terms the second most affected by the pandemic, behind only the United States.

The Ministry of Health also indicates that, although very slowly, the pandemic is beginning to stabilize in the country and in many regions the number of deaths and infections is beginning to fall. This has been especially noticeable in the state of Sao Paulo, the most populated in the country, with 46 million inhabitants, and also the most affected by the coronavirus.

Faced with this dramatic situation, in a country with great social inequalities and millions of people at social risk, the NGO REMAR is doing its bit to help those most in need through the STREET FOOD project.


REMAR BRAZIL, an NGO that helps the most needy, men, women and children at risk of social exclusion, operates in the most important cities and districts of the country, such as the districts of Sao Paulo, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.


The way in which Remar Brazil is acting in times of pandemic, consists, as the NGO Remar always does, in keeping its doors continuously open, to help all those people who come to us in search of help, food, shelter, accompaniment and spiritual assistance. Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, the volunteers of Remar Brazil have been forced to double their efforts in their daily work.


Through the STREET FOOD project, the volunteers of the NGO Remar take to the streets every day to distribute food to the most disadvantaged families in this country that has been so hard hit by the pandemic, especially in areas where the population has the worst conditions of hygiene and lack of sanitary services.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

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