Doctors have volunteered to participate in this medical solidarity campaign.

Since the pandemic began, the girls and adolescents of the Remar Peru home in El Chorrillo, have had many difficulties to continue with the necessary medical check-ups for them, both in general medicine and dentistry.


In the city of Lima we have 9 homes, and one of them is located in the area known as Chorrillos, in the south of Lima. This home welcomes and cares for underage girls and adolescents, who have come to the NGO Remar for different reasons, mainly for coming from broken families, many of them have suffered sexual abuse.

In recent months, in this country already marked by social inequalities, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been significant, and this has had many consequences for the local population, one of which has been that public health care for the population has been severely limited.


REMAR has been working in Peru since 1991 developing programs for the marginalized population, and as a result of our work over the years, we have opened 43 homes throughout the country to meet the needs of the population at risk of social exclusion who request our help.

In the homes of the NGO Remar we try to provide comprehensive care and meet all their basic needs.


One of the activities that has been carried out in this home during this month of December, has been a medical solidarity campaign.


Solidarity and Christian doctors of different specialties and on a voluntary basis have come to the home to attend the girls, adolescents and mothers. Specifically, dentists, psychologists, doctors in general medicine and gastroenterology have attended this solidarity medical campaign, who in addition to attending the population residing in the Remar home, also gave attention to the population of the neighborhood with low resources.

We are very grateful for the realization of this activity, which has been of great help to the home Los Chorrillos. We thank all the volunteers, and we encourage you to volunteer. Your help is important. You too can be a volunteer.


“He that lends to the LORD lends to the poor, And the good that he has done, he will repay him again.” Proverbs 19:17

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