Remar in the UK sharing love and solidarity

The NGO REMAR in the United Kingdom has informed us of the work carried out in the cities of Nottingham and Sheffield through REMAR SOS to continue providing food support and aid to those who during the national emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been left vulnerable, without shelter and without food to survive.

In the city of Nottingham, more than 220 food rations are distributed to the regulars at the Soup Kitchen, which has been operating for several months and now due to the situation on the streets the number of attendees has increased, early in the morning the volunteers of the NGO REMAR prepare a variety of food bags so that they can take it to those in need, the volunteers of REMAR in Nottingham take boxes of food to several homes for elderly people who regularly go to the soup kitchen, but due to the virus and being a risk group they can’t leave their homes.

In the city of Sheffield, the volunteers from the NGO Remar distribute food and hot coffee daily on the streets for those who are homeless, many of them with addiction problems and many that remain there despite the emergency situation. In this city and in several cities in the UK there is a large number of people living on the streets and in these moments more than ever they need help and food, so REMAR SOS continues to extend a hand of love and compassion for those in need in each city.

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