Gijón shines a light on education in Haiti

Gijón shines a light on education in Haiti

“Gijón shines a light on education in Haiti” published on the 13 March in Diario La Nueva España, where it highlights that through a grant from the City Council of Gijón, channeled by the NGO Remar, several schools have internet in there classrooms, through the project “With Light To The World” (Con Luz Al Mundo).


“Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and education remains a challenge for its children. But thanks to the collaboration of Gijón, channeled through the NGO Remar and grants of non-governmental organizations and non-profit institutions granted by the City Council of Gijón, a fundamental project has been launched to improve the schools in Haiti, called “With light to the World” he says.

The project, subsidized by the City Council of Gijón with 29,203 euros, consists of improving the conditions of access to electric energy through solar panels. The children, youth and women of this community are the most benefited by the solar panels, they have improved the connectivity with internet access, which will lead to important advances in education, knowledge and living conditions.


In fact, children are already the most favored, since there already enjoying classes through the use of computers with Internet connection and with the help of visual media. Through these learning tools, they will be able to “improve their knowledge visually, aurally, develop their creativity and discover a world that’s completely new for them”.


Remar has been working for 14 years to help and support children at high risk of abandonment, extreme poverty and orphanhood. Remar began working in Haiti in 2005 through childcare programs, where we provide comprehensive care and protection. The little ones have access to food, clothing, footwear, education, and all the resources needed for their development.

The project “With light to the World” (Con Luz Al Mundo) is one of the entity’s development plans in Haiti, but it’s not the only one expected to be implemented in short term. In fact, the entity is currently present in 70 countries with plans for child care, soup kitchens, work in prisons, care for the homeless, women at risk, underprivileged youth, the elderly, families, people affected by AIDS, humanitarian aid containers or child sponsorship programs.” the article in the newspaper La nueva España ends with this.

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