Urgent help to rebuild, Remar Equatorial Guinea

Remar in Equatorial Guinea is in need of urgent help to rebuild a house and a school after the explosion.


On March 7, around 13:30 local time, several explosions occurred in the military barracks of Nkuantoma, sowing chaos in Equatorial Guinea.


At least 17 people have been killed and around 500 injured in Bata, the most populous city and the economic capital of Equatorial Guinea. The explosion was felt several kilometers around, the shock wave has destroyed homes, and has left many economic losses in this city.


Only 3 kilometers from the barracks lays the home of the NGO Remar, to care for children without resources, who have been taken in by the NGO for their guardianship, care and protection,

Thank God there was no loss of life’s, but the house was completely destroyed as a result of these explosions. This building was owned by the NGO Remar in the city of Bata, with two floors, used as home for children taken in by Remar, inside the building was a school to provide education, it has been completely destroyed. At this moment, the children have lost their home and there school.


According to official sources, the cause of the explosions was “the negligent handling of dynamite at the military base” and “Hospitals are overflowing, many houses destroyed, children walking the streets without knowing where their parents are”. The situation is one of chaos and desolation.


Remar in Equatorial Guinea asks for urgent help for the reconstruction of this home and this school. We need to do this urgently, so that we can continue to help many people. We urgent need help with economic help, construction materials, school materials, furniture, chairs, tables and help and contribution of volunteers, we need the solidarity of others. The goal is to rebuild the home as soon as possible.


Remar in Equatorial Guinea has been working since 1996, during these 23 years development projects have been carried out for the care of people in vulnerable situations, care for people with addiction problems.


Remar in Equatorial Guinea has developed programs for children, women and youth, with the financial support of Remar Spain, which through financial contributions and products by containers that are sent of humanitarian aid during these last couple of years, we have managed to raise the work, with great impact and approval of the local community.

Remar in Equatorial Guinea has two homes for children and teenagers, sent by extremely poor relatives who cannot cover the basic needs of their children. A school for these children has been opened in the home, as well as a soup kitchen, to help the local population with food.


During all these years the work has been hard, but we continue with courage, knowing that there are many who benefit from our work. On this occasion, we ask for everyone’s Solidarity, to be able to raise a new home, and continue helping many.


He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.  Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit. Psalms 147:3-5

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