Medical campaigns in favor of the needy

Thanks to the collaboration of teams of solidarity doctors and the NGO Remar, it has recently been possible to carry out medical campaigns for the benefit of people in need in Guatemala and in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


Remar Guatemala, working in favor of children for more than 25 years, has facilities in the town of San José Villa Nueva, about 20 kms from the capital city, Guatemala. These facilities receive children and women who come to Remar in vulnerable situations, and also provide support to the local population through various programs, such as the distribution of food, clothing and medicines, and medical campaigns.


From Remar Guatemala, we thank Dr. Roberto Lopez and his team for the medical campaign carried out in the facilities of Ciudad de los Niños, in favor of Guatemalan children.

We also thank the Manos Solidarias Medical Brigade, for their visit to our Remar homes in the city of Santa Cruz, where they have given their support by attending free of charge to all our children, women and men, and bringing medicines for each one of them.


Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, medical assistance has been very difficult in certain sectors of the population. These medical campaigns have been of great help, since they have provided medical check-ups and weight and nutritional control of the children, which is very important, since most of the children who come to the NGO Remar arrive with nutritional deficiencies, and need periodic controls and check-ups.

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