Remar Haiti runs a mobile medical clinic

Remar Haiti starts a new project in the city of Port-au-Prince. It is the installation of a mobile medical clinic in collaboration with ELIM Port-au-Prince church.


The purpose of this project of installing a mobile medical clinic is to provide medical coverage to low-income people in need.


REMAR in Haiti provides shelter, food, clothing, education and shelter to people in need, especially children living in extreme poverty and victims of the earthquake that occurred in January 2010.


REMAR Haiti was born with a group of volunteers sent from REMAR Spain when they realised the need to help abandoned, orphaned and sick children.


Remar has been working in Haiti since 2005 offering social assistance and developing care programs for vulnerable populations.

In 2010, when Haiti was one of the poorest and most dangerous countries on the planet, Haitians suffered possibly the greatest natural tragedy ever experienced in the Western Hemisphere. Specifically, its capital, Port-au-Prince, was devastated by a magnitude seven earthquake, with the number of dead and missing ranging from 250,000 to 316,000. More than two million people lost their homes.


If this tragedy served any purpose, it was to make the world aware of the precarious conditions in which Haitians were living. The world poured in to help them rebuild. But conditions in this city remain difficult and the majority of the population lives in poverty, without many options for change.

Port-au-Prince is home to more than 3 million people and almost 70% of the population lives in deprived areas and without basic sanitation.


The volunteers of the NGO Remar continue to work hard, distributing food and basic necessities to those most in need, and have started this new project, which will be of great help to the local population, who do not always have access to quality basic health services.

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