Winter is arrives at the Refugee Camps.

Months go by, winter arrives, and thousands of people continue to live in the refugee camps in Greece, in very difficult conditions, even more now that low temperatures are arriving. The pandemic has complicated the situation and now we are facing a few months of difficultly.


A few months after the fire that razed the old camp of Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos, thousands of people are preparing to face another winter in the new camp. Our colleagues tell us that several works are being finalised and should be completed before the end of the year so that people can withstand the harsh cold months better.

On part of the Greek government, efforts are being made to move forward with winterization. Electricity and running water are being installed, which are now powered by generators, and work is underway to install a heating system around the tents.


According to data from various organizations, around 9,000 people continue to live in the refugee camps, and almost 60% of them are women and children. Most of the people live in tents, except for the most vulnerable people, who live in slightly safer houses. In reality the conditions of safety and sanitary are minimal.

Every day our colleagues of Remar in Greece carry out actions to improve the living conditions of these people. During the past month of November, more than 1000 sleeping bags and blankets were distributed in the camp of Malakasa, in addition to the food that is distributed daily.


We are also very grateful for the donation of more than 1,000 pencils, pens and notebooks to the REMAR school in Lesbos by GAIN Switzerland @gainswitzerland. This Christian organization, also carries out humanitarian actions in the camp, they have collaborated with us to give the camp residents the opportunity to learn English and Greek. Together, by joining forces, we can achieve great goals.


Our purpose is to continue working, and joining efforts with other organizations, so that together we can contribute to improve the living conditions of all these families.

Ship your grain across the sea; after many days you may receive a return. Ecclesiastes 11:1

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