Children's homes, a daily work.

Every day we face new challenges, difficulties and many joys. In Remar’s children’s homes, we work every day to improve the living conditions of the children who are welcomed in these homes, who have arrived in such difficult situations, and with so much future ahead of them.


The small and big actions of each day bear good fruit with the passage of time.

Children’s party in the homes of Remar Peru.


Last Saturday, September 11, the volunteers of the Remar homes in Lima, Peru, held the second children’s party for the little ones of our homes and the surrounding neighborhoods and communities.


A group of young people from #RemarPeru organized and carried out this event with great enthusiasm, in order to bring joy, fun, and a positive message to a hundred children in vulnerable situations who came from Chorrillos, Callao, Cercado de Lima and Villa Maria del Triunfo.

We thank each person who contributed a grain of sand in this activity, which we hope to carry out more frequently, because all the effort is worth it when we see the smiles of the children who participated. From all that is sown, fruit is reaped.


Distribution of school supplies at Remar Ecuador


Remar Ecuador has received a donation of school supplies to be distributed among the children living in Remar’s homes.

We thank the foundation of Daniela Almeida, who with great generosity has donated this school material, so that each child can use it in this year of study.


In the faces of each of the children we can see the smiles and the gratitude they reflect. Every little action counts to improve the lives of each of these children.

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