Remar Costa Rica advances in programs.

The NGO REMAR in the city of Costa Rica is making progress in the development of self-management and reforestation programs, in addition to the raising of chickens and tilapia in which dozens of young people in the process of rehabilitation and reintegration work daily, through programs to help them combat drugs and alcohol, and which also serve to provide food for the entire REMAR community in that city that make up the shelters for men, women, children and young people.

The team of missionaries and volunteers of REMAR Costa Rica hereby makes a call to the hearts of companies, collaborators and friends to get involved in these much needed projects, donating their time, food for birds or tilapia and providing all kinds of field tools such as shovels, hoes, rakes, etc. Through the collaboration of many we can reach and provide more families and needy people living in areas near the homes that REMAR has in that country.

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