Workshops and training

In many countries where the NGO Remar develops social action programs in favor of the most vulnerable, occupational and vocational workshops have been set up, where young people and adolescents who are in Remar’s homes during the restoration period can learn a trade and receive training, either formally or informally.


In REMAR Viacha, Bolivia, we continue with the gastronomy training for the inmates of the first phase of the “Villa Esperanza” Center. With the support of the MANQ’A association, they have learned new delicious, healthy and especially nutritious recipes.

We would like to thank Chef Alejandro who has given the workshop course with great effort; he has demonstrated it by transmitting and sharing his knowledge, and with a high human quality. He has been very generous and has been very involved in this project, knowing that it will be of great benefit to the attendees.


It is a real joy for us to carry out with Manq’a these trainings that support and contribute to the rehabilitation process, God bless you and we hope to continue working together to achieve great goals.

Another project that is carried out in the Remar homes are the musical training workshops. The children who live in the homes of Remar Haiti are having this training opportunity. They are learning singing and music with the opportunity to learn to play various instruments.


The children are enthusiastic about this project, because they can develop their talents and broaden their knowledge.


We thank God and all those who, with their work and contributions, make this possible. It is of great importance that the children and young people, who come to the NGO Remar for different reasons, have new opportunities.

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