Joy and companionship for the elderly, Remar Netherlands.

In the city of Den Haag, the NGO REMAR has started working with people who are lonely, which are mostly elderly people with a Crafts Workshop, it is aimed at people in that neighborhood, giving them a space and a time to share and to meet others, since the percentage of people living in solitude is very high and they go unnoticed in society, the people who attend are from different countries such as Poland, Colombia and the Netherlands.


Through this project, the people who come to the soup kitchen also take the opportunity to stay at the Crafts Workshops, where you can see the joy and the happiness on the faces of the attendees, where they learn to do something new every day, besides spending time in good company, talking and above all sharing words of faith and hope through the volunteers of REMAR in Holland.

The NGO REMAR has been working in the city of Den Haag (The Hague) for more than three years, establishing a thrift store, a church and a soup kitchen where more than 40 people living on the streets are served on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from these people, 25 men have entered the shelters that Remar has in this city, leaving the streets, now they have a place to take refuge and a place to rehabilitate themselves from their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Remar Holland working with love and bringing hope, because there is always someone to help!

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