Vocational courses for development

Remar Mendoza.

Spring arrives and the fruits appear on the trees planted on the farm, with unmistakable aromas and colors. Seeing the fruit of what has been sown fills us with satisfaction.


The first-phase farm is home to men in process of rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction problems, and while they go through their process they attend agricultural workshops. While they are starting their new lives, they are trained in farming and in tree planting.

REMAR is an ONG that deals with people with addiction problems and also people in situations of social vulnerability. We have been working in Mendoza for more than 25 years and we have three farms with more than 100 people in the area. We also have a carpentry workshop, farms with pigs to breed them, beekeeping, and peach and olive tree plantations, among other things.


Remar Viacha, Bolivia.


We carry on training in preparation of healthy and nutritious food at the First Phase Rehabilitation Center for men located in the Municipality of Viacha.


We thank Chef Alejandro from the MANQ’A – ICCO Cooperation gastronomic training school, who continues to impart his gastronomic knowledge with the vision of incorporating food with nutritional contribution in the preparation of breakfasts, lunches, sandwiches and healthy and nutritious desserts, using various vegetables harvested from the solar tents we have and with the bread that is made from our centers.

The people in our centers have been trained in cooking and nutrition workshops. Not only have they learned about the preparation of new dishes, but also about the awareness of a healthy diet, without neglecting the typical Andean cuisine and customs of the area.


We are grateful to MANQ’A of ICCO COOPERATION and mainly to God because He allows us to make this type of inter-institutional alliances that support our brothers and sisters in the rehabilitation process.


In Remar Bolivia we continue to attend the most needy with new projects, a generous and a grateful heart to be part of this work of love and mercy.

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