New agreement to favor those in need

In the province of Mendoza, Argentina, the Minister of Health, Social Development and Sports, Ana María Nadal, together with the Undersecretary of Social Development, Alejandro Verón, met with the director of Foundation Remar Mendoza, Ariel Lazare, to balance the work done so far and to renew the agreement between the parties regarding the work with homeless people.


The balance has been positive; an agreement has been reached to sign a new contract, to renew the commitment, to continue working in favor of the homeless.


With the new agreement, the Social Contingency Department, which works together with the foundation, will address cases of people who have recently entered homelessness, with emphasis on young people. The main objective is to reintegrate them into society.


The provincial government is committed to make a financial disbursement to pay for the use of two houses used by the REMAR foundation. These properties were intended for women with children, and another for men or for people who, due to certain circumstances, were unable to find a place to live temporarily. In addition to that the State provides an amount that covers daily meals.

Regarding this, Nadal said: “We went to REMAR’s headquarters in Las Heras to renew our contract, to continue working with people in a state of homelessness and to carry out a comprehensive approach from a social and health point of view, such as mental health”.


The Under Secretary “Since 2016 we set several goals with the CSO. One of the things that mainly interests us is job placement, so we are very happy with the actions they are taking and we hope to continue in this line of work”, said the official.


Ariel Lazare stated: “REMAR has an important piece of land in Las Heras of 2,500 square meters where 84 people live today, of which 60 are thanks to the agreement we have with the government. The CSO has homes for women and children and men with different types of marginalization problems where they can stay 24 hours a day, with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner”.

“We bring people who arrives from Social Contingency or in state of homelessness due to some type of addiction. We see specific problems and we carry out an approach to try to reintegrate them into society. Lazare added.


REMAR is an institution that deals with people with addiction problems and also with people in situations of social vulnerability. We have been working in Mendoza for more than 25 years and it has three farms with more than 100 people in the area. It also has a carpentry workshop, a farm for pig breeding, beekeeping, and peach and olive tree plantations, among other things.


The desire of the government of the Province of Mendoza and the organization of civil society will continue to work in collaboration with Remar in favor of people in a situation of homelessness. The integral approach produces changes in the way of thinking and in the way of looking at life.


God, who changes lives and hearts, transforms our minds and thoughts, in the Lord we are new creatures, old things have passed away, all things have become new.

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