Progress on the construction, Remar Mexico.

We are very excited to be able to share these photos showing the social work that Remar Mexico realizes.


In the last week of December, painting of the exterior of the upcoming classrooms was completed.


In these images we can see the progress of the work that has been carried out since September up to now.


Thanks to the help of everyone, the volunteers, the companies and the individuals who have collaborated, thanks to the donations received, we have been able to move forward in the development of this project, we are very grateful and motivated.

We know that these classrooms will be a great benefit to the children and the teenagers in the homes that Remar has in Mexico, as they will receive training and they will have learning opportunities, of great importance for their future and on there skill development.


In Remar Mexico we continue to work with enthusiasm and effort to benefit those who have heartbreaking life stories. Our vision is to evangelism and to disciple, encouraging every child and young people to open their hearts to Jesus Christ, to his love and redemption.


Many have already been rescued from a life of hardship; we want to continue this work.

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