Solidarity Campaign in La Palma

Let us be sensitive to the needs of those who have lost everything. The NGO Remar has mobilised resources and volunteers to help those affected by the volcano in La Palma.


The volcano Cumbre Vieja on the island of La Palma erupted on September 19 at 15.20 Canary Island time after weeks of seismic swarms. Since then, it is estimated that around 1100 buildings have been lost to the lava, almost a thousand are houses, as well as work, the way of life of hundreds of families, those who work in the banana plantations, schools engulfed by the lava, churches, bars and restaurants, health centers, and with them memories and personal belongings of many families.

We constantly see on the news testimonies of those who have lost everything, not only their homes, but also their jobs, their whole lives. For everyone, the eruption of the volcano means having to start all over again, and to do so, to start building a new life, they need the solidarity of others.


The NGO Remar has mobilised resources and volunteers to help families affected by the volcano eruption on the island of La Palma. A campaign has been launched to collect funds and basic necessities to send to those affected.

On October 5, the directors of Remar Madrid traveled to the Canary Islands, in order to coordinate the aid that Remar will send, and also to offer words of encouragement and comfort. In Remar we pray for all the families affected by the eruption of the volcano, so that God may manifest Himself in their lives in the midst of this situation, and may He fill their hearts with comfort.


On October 6, the Directors of Remar Spain and the head of Remar in Tenerife set off to the island of La Palma to deliver personally the donations received from individuals, and to offer help to the victims of the volcano eruption. We would also like to thank the FUNDACION VALORA and the Laboratorios Serra Pamies, who have collaborated with part of the donations.

We need the support of people and collaborators, since the costs of the ferry to take the aid to its destination are very high, and we do not have any funds for the payment of this transportation. It is time to show solidarity and to extend a helping hand to thousands of people in need, you can do a lot and be part of this miracle of love and help to those who have lost everything. May God comfort the hearts of all the families affected on the island of La Palma.

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