There are things that cannot be missing in the life of a child and they are smiles, joy, games and the will to live. Life has radically changed for thousands of Ukrainian children, overnight, they have gone from being in a safe place with their families, to waking up ,walking far from their homes, some with their parents, others hand in hand with a stranger, advancing without knowing what happened, with what one day was their home and without knowing where they are going.

This is the reality that war leaves in children, hundreds of them emigrate from Ukraine and arrive accompanied by relatives or generous people at the help points that REMAR SOS has in several places on the Romanian-Ukrainian border. It is there where In addition to giving help, food, a place to rest and regain strength, REMAR volunteers also fight to return those smiles and joy to the hearts of children, seeking by all means, ways to make their lives easier.

They celebrate birthdays, sing, laugh, take walks through areas where they can temporarily forget the whole situation they are facing and enjoy the moment, happy, playing like any child, because children have that special grace that God gives them, to live in the present and take advantage of those moments of joy, in the midst of so much pain and suffering, moments that perhaps they will remember for the rest of their lives.


We thank God for each one of our volunteers who each day provide a selfless service of love, with the sole desire to be facilitators of help, sowers of smiles, without getting tired of doing good.