Remar SOS moves forward to establish itself in Poland as a reception and aid point for refugees from Ukraine

REMAR SOS, through its volunteers, continues to advance in establishing itself in Poland, as a help point, for hundreds of refugees from Ukraine, who are fleeing the war and in the midst of this chaotic situation, they may be victims of networks of corruption.


One of the tasks that REMAR carries out in that area is to assist refugees with a protection program for vulnerable people, warning them of the dangers they may face and also offering the possibility of entering to centers of shelters that REMAR has open throughout Europe, where they can be protected, cared for and covered in all their needs.

In the part of Ukraine, the border with Poland, REMAR SOS has also established a food distribution point for people who stand in long lines daily to be able to leave the country. It is also planned to establish a community center in which shelter and attention will be given with a capacity for 100 people. Where they will be offered hospitality, and caring for all their basic needs.


REMAR SOS advances its work in Poland, to reach more people who are victims of war, opening their doors and their hearts to the need.