REMAR Poland open doors of help for refugees from Ukraine

The NGO REMAR has opened its doors in Poland, to strengthen and continue to support refugees from Ukraine, where they have started with the work of information and orientation, reception and help people who have moved to that country in search of refuge


Currently we are working in four points:

  • On the border between Ukraine and Poland for several weeks, a caravan has been installed, where soups and coffee are being distributed every day to people fleeing Ukraine. It’s a place where long lines of people who need guidance to decide what to do are formed and the volunteers of REMAR Poland also provide them with information and offer them the possibility of being welcomed in the homes that REMAR has in several European countries.
  • In Mostyska, Ukraine, a tent will be set up to accommodate 100 people who are currently in the facilities of a school so that it can be reopened for educational purposes. In this place, assistance will also be given with monthly food distributions to more than a thousand people from the most disadvantaged areas.
  • Another aid point is found at the Hotel (Los Amigos) in Rzeszow, a city in Poland, where refugees are picked up at the border every day. The team of volunteers there prepares their accommodation, it is a beautiful, quiet and familiar place, where 60 people are cared for, while they are placed in Remar foster homes in Europe.
  • On the Polish-Ukrainian border there is another point of assistance, where we help them carry their luggage, especially vulnerable people, we also offer a hotel for them to stay in.

In Remar Poland we keep on advancing and moving forward bringing aid to hundreds of people, victims of the war in Ukraine.