Remar SOS, provides a hotel in Arad, Romania to host refugees from Ukraine

In the city of Arad, the western part of Romania, REMAR SOS has set up a hotel to provide care to refugee families, several remodelling works have been carried out at the site, such as renewing the furnishing in the kitchen, the laundry, the dining room, as well as in the rooms with bunk beds and wardrobes, the bathrooms have been placed in used, a place for a nursery and there is also a plan to open a cinema and a library.

All the work thats being done in order to continue supporting and welcoming hundreds of refugees from Ukraine. who continue fleeing to other destinations, at this point the volunteers offers them a place to stay, to rest, to be fed and a place that covers their basic needs, as they set out on their journey or they decide where to go.


REMAR SOS hands of love and help for the Ukrainian people.