Party and Celebration on the 30th anniversary of Remar Guatemala.

The NGO REMAR in Guatemala celebrates this July 2022, the 30th anniversary of the beginning of its work in that country.

In 1992, a group of missionaries arrived from Spain to Guatemala City, with the aim of helping the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people, however, they realized that one of the biggest problems that prevailed in that country were the street children, with whom they began a long work, which to this day has borne much fruit.

REMAR in Guatemala is a very well-known ministry in the country, for the work it has faithfully carried out for 30 years with people with addiction problems and in extreme poverty, providing help, food, shelter and sustenance to thousands of children, adolescents, mothers with children, adults and the elderly.

REMAR Guatemala has also managed to be a reference in the education of the country, forming children and young people who have become adults, giving to the Guatemalan society new professionals, with values and Christian principles and with excellence in educational quality.

It is cause for great celebration and gratitude, to see God’s faithfulness in the extension and sustainability of this work and the work that continues to be done, as there is much work to be done, thousands of children still need help, poverty and violence still prevail in the country, the means to survive are scarce, but REMAR Guatemala continues as a beacon of light in the midst of darkness, giving light to hundreds of people in need and being a great example of love, compassion and solidarity.

Happy Anniversary, God Bless You!!!

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