REMAR Argentina: Tireless work for the most vulnerable

The organization continues its work in different cities of the country, with ongoing works and social assistance

REMAR Argentina continues its tireless work in pursuit of providing assistance and attention to the most needy people in the country. Through its different programs and projects, the organization carries out an important social task in various Argentine cities.

The work of REMAR Argentina is possible thanks to the work of its volunteers and the support of the community. Below is a report of the work carried out in several cities:

Works in progress:

Santa Fe :

  • Progress is being made in the construction of a children’s home and a marriage home.
  • Remodeling of the first phase for people in rehabilitation
  • Daily food distribution in the city.

Córdoba :

  • New rooms are being built in Guiñazú
  • A room for 100 people and a dining room,
  • Progress is being made in the construction   of a large house with capacity for 100 people.

Gualeguaychu :

  • The ceiling of the dining room and kitchen was installed.

The Pampa:

  • New rooms for 16 people and bathrooms were built, with a kitchen
  • A daily food distribution is carried out in poor neighborhoods of the city.

Fourth quarter :

  • 2 new rooms were built in the first phase, bathrooms and kitchen,
  • Progress is being made in the construction of 3 rooms for 24 people in two phases, in addition to new bathrooms, kitchen
  • Remodeling of the carpentry in the kitchen and dining room.
  • The Angels of the Night program is also carried out every week, distributing food and bringing help to people experiencing the streets.


  • A new second-hand store was built
  • A new home for young men
  •   Every week the Night Angels program is carried out through the streets of the city.

Santiago del Estero:

  • In this city, completion is being carried out on a farm for 36 people.
  •   Bathroom facilities are expanded.

Mar del Plata:

  • A pool is built in the house of young women and couples
  • 2 houses and sheds are restored in the first phase
  • The improvement of the conditions of two pavilions of the Batan prison with 270 people is being carried out.

Mendoza :

  • A new agreement was signed with the Provincial Government of Social Emergency to house 40 men, 40 women and children.
  • The construction of a marriage house on REMAR land began, and the property hostel was completed, which will have 10 rooms with bathroom, patio, terrace and dining room to serve women with gender violence.
  • Weekly visits are made to the Borbollón prison
  • An agreement was signed with the city of General Alvear to provide support to companions of patients in Mendoza hospitals.

Saint Louis:

  • A place of worship with capacity for 300 people was inaugurated
  • Picnic areas were installed in emergency areas
  • The construction of two marriage houses is planned.

Chaco – Resistance:

  • The administration of a pavilion of 55 inmates in the Resistencia warden was received, which is in deplorable condition and requires repairs to electricity, plumbing, rooms, bathrooms and painting.
  • In the same warden, two pavilions with 90 inmates were already managed.
  • Evangelistic campaigns will be carried out on March 29, 30 and 31.
  • The home for women and children was completed on the land of the NGO REMAR in that city.

Buenos Aires :

  • Constant improvements are made to REMAR buildings in Greater Buenos Aires.
  • Pigs and chickens are exploited and raised for self-sufficiency.
  • Progress is being made in the construction of a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom area for 24 people in José C. Paz.

A commitment to the community:

REMAR Argentina is a   safe haven   in a world where inequality and poverty seem to be gaining ground. Their tireless work for the most vulnerable in the country is an example of commitment and solidarity with the community.

The works underway in different Argentine cities are a testimony of REMAR’s concrete action in Argentina: from the construction of homes and care centers to the delivery of food and social assistance, the organization covers a wide range of needs.

However, REMAR’s work would not be possible without the support of the community. That is why we invite all those who share their commitment to the most disadvantaged to join this cause.

How can you collaborate with REMAR?

  • Become a volunteer: Offer your time and talent to help in the organization’s different activities.
  • Donate: Your donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Together we can build a better future for the most vulnerable.

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