Harvests potatoes and quinoa to sustain itself

The NGO Remar is pleased to announce the recent harvest in the town of VIACHA in Bolivia of three hectares of potatoes and one hectare of quinoa which will be used to support the work that REMAR does in BOLIVIA.

Hundreds of people benefit daily from this work of love and solidarity that is REMAR Bolivia, they have earned the respect and the gratitude of the local authorities, demonstrating great effort, our volunteers and missionaries demonstrate their total dedication to the most disadvantaged.

The projects that REMAR BOLIVIA covers with remarkable success are our shelters for people in social exclusion, young people who have been subjected to all kinds of abuse and women who have been abandoned by their partners during pregnancy who cannot manage on their own.

In order to sustain this work, we work day by day with small businesses, media and our team of public relations to provide with everything that is needed, which is a lot, as there are tens of thousands of beneficiaries every year.

In the report we see pictures of the daily harvest and some of the residents of the community of Viacha in the Alto of La Paz that work together with the responsible of social work in this country.

REMAR 31 YEARS of Love for Others…and it’s only the beginning.

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