Remar SOS update on ongoing work in Ukraine

Even if the media no longer reports on the situation in Ukraine. The situation remains very difficult and very precarious. Rising food prices, fuel shortages and rising rental prices are the reason why many of the 7.1 million refugees in Ukraine live in poverty and with the urgency that the winter is yet to come.

In Ukraine, the NGO REMAR since the war broke out, has been operating in the territory and border regions of Ukraine in Poland and Romania, where teams of volunteers take care of families and refugees in various places.One of the jobs that REMAR carries out is to care for, inform and recruit refugees in extremely difficult situations, since they have very few provisions for the trip, food shortages and hunger are a constant problem for the internally displaced.

Right now, REMAR cares for around 3,500 refugees every day, with accommodation in hotels in Romania and Poland. Most of them are mothers with children who need protection and temporary accommodation. Whenever possible, we take these people to their destination and within Ukraine, we provide accommodation and hot meals, to those who seek help. In addition to this, food packages are distributed to more than 1,500 families in Lviv, Ukraine.

We thank God because REMAR continues to be a light of hope for thousands of refugees in Ukraine, without getting tired of doing good, we continue to provide support, love and compassion to a population that continues to need all our help.

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