REMAR Guatemala: Health, Wellbeing and hope in the city of Children

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Comprehensive medical day organized by REMAR and the Elim Church provide health and hope to children in San José Villa Nueva In a show of commitment to the well-being of Guatemalan children, the NGO REMAR in Guatemala and the   Elim Church joined forces to carry out a comprehensive medical day in the Children’s City, located in […]


Educational adventure: Children from REMAR Guatemala explore the Zoo

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REMAR Guatemala transforms lives through comprehensive education The children of the El Olivo Christian School of the NGO REMAR Guatemala enjoyed an exciting and instructive visit to the La Aurora Zoo in the capital city. Over the course of a full day, little explorers had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a wide […]


Angels of the Night REMAR Guatemala

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Young people to the rescue of poverty in the streets of Guatemala In the streets of Guatemala, the Youth to the Rescue of the NGO REMAR in that country, carry out the program “Angels of the Night” and face the harsh reality of homelessness every week. In the darkness and cold, they find homeless people, many […]


Christian School El Olivo Guatemala opens its doors for the 2024 school year

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Christian School El Olivo Guatemala opens its doors to the 2024 school cycle The Christian School El Olivo of REMAR Guatemala has kicked off the 2024 school cycle, bringing joy and hope to hundreds of underprivileged children and youth living in nearby areas and in REMAR NGO foster homes. With over 30 years dedicated to […]