Care for the Drug Dependents

Our program addresses the situation of exclusion associated with drug use in their social reincorporation stage. Providing temporary shelter spaces when users are completing their rehabilitation and lack social and family support that allows them to integrate into social life. The resource that we provide consists of shelter places in shared housing resources and with permanent accompaniment of professionals from where continuous care is provided from a multidimensional perspective and complemented with the treatment that they have to continue doing, as well as with other training activities. The program has housing resources for social reincorporation.

The general objective of the program is the social reincorporation of people who are in the recovery/rehabilitation phase, offering a stable nucleus of coexistence, as well as training and orientation tools to acquire skills that allow and facilitate the maintenance of abstinence and the incorporation into society.

Three Specific Objectives:

  • To provide living spaces for people who are in the last stage of rehabilitation.

  • Maintain abstinence through actions that favor the development of their social skills and intellectual capacities.

  • To work on the process of incorporation simultaneously through individual and group attention and social orientation.

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