Care for Women

It is a network of special reception centers for women where they can be cared for. In these centers they are cared for, trained, through training workshops: sewing, cooking, upholstery, costume jewelery, etc. At the same time, they are advised in the care and education of their children, as well as providing them with psychological care, legal advice, group and individual talks and meetings for self-improvement, self-esteem, independence, etc.

The aim of this program is to create stability in the lives of women who are victims of abuse or in difficult family situations, women with prostitution problems who want to leave that life, single mothers, widows or separated in a situation of misery, etc. And this is achieved through these reception centers where protection and support are given, and where the children they may have are cared for according to the respective childhood programs.

We intend that the women who come to our centers can be directed in such a way that they do not find themselves in a situation similar to the ones that brought them, so from their stabilization a process begins in which they try to guide the woman to the obtaining a training situation that leads to personal improvement.

The main target is the overcoming of situations of social emergency in women and their further development in an environment of equity, seeking to enhance their full realization as a person.

Admission to the shelters is open to all women who request the assistance of our association with the only condition that they accept the internal rules of the place where they go.

Regarding the rest of the activities, they are generally directed to women who are internal to the association but are open to the use of anyone who could benefit from the program.

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