Gender Inclusion

Development needs women. It starts from the appreciation of the subordinate relationship of women as a consequence of the analysis of the relations between women and men in given situations and keeping in mind other vital positions such as belonging to a social, ethnic, age group, etc. We promote efficiency and the identification of opportunities to improve gender redistribution and equity in development policies, projects and programs. This implies that women’s needs are no longer analyzed in isolation, but become an integral part of an analysis of gender relations in households, communities and institutions.

We seek the “support and empowerment” of women and disadvantaged groups, including the satisfaction of practical gender needs to ensure food, housing, water and economic self-sufficiency.

We challenge the dominant development model, calling for humane, sustainable and equitable development that overcomes structural inequalities through the power of community mobilization.

We believe that both women and men should participate in the identification, design and implementation of their own social projects.

In REMAR the value of women is very important in the development and participation of new opportunities for growth, women are of great esteem as Proverbs 31:10 says: “an exemplary woman, her value surpasses that of precious stones”.

The Dwelling Bolivia

A city for girls and women designed exclusively to provide the necessary support to achieve rehabilitation, socialization, training and in general terms the improvement of the living conditions of abused girls and women. The construction of the city for girls and women contains facilitating spaces such as sanitary, recreational, educational, training and housing areas.

Workshop for Women in Bolivia

We intend that the women who come to our centers can be directed in such a way that they do not find themselves in a situation similar to the ones that brought them, so from their stabilization a process begins in which they try to guide the woman to the obtaining a training situation with sewing workshops, bakery, pastry and others that leads to personal improvement.

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