P.A.N. Program

It is a Child Sponsorship program that has been running since 1982. In our beginnings, with programs for children, we realized that the first thing the children needed was bread, we could give them all our love but they would not receive it if we did not fill their malnourished stomachs and for that we needed a lot of resources.

Therefore our immediate response was to send together with workers all the material help we could, sending food, clothes and materials to the different countries. One day we considered that others could also be participants in sharing their means with those in need, and thus P.A.N.(Child Sponsorship Program) was born.

Obtain more financial resources so that the aid can reach more children and thus more and more countries where there is a great need.

To build a bridge of contact in order to maintain communication between the sponsor and the godchild, which transcends distance and reinforces the love and self-esteem of both.

To provide each of these children with the basis for their future autonomy without uprooting them from their culture, since thanks to the financial, material and moral support, the children can start their studies, improve their nutrition and receive health care within their own village, and thus maintain a life like any other normal child.

To carry out this program we count on the joint work of the volunteers in each country where we have children’s homes and the staff of Remar España. In these homes we take in abandoned children, children of single mothers, sick children, orphans and children who have to live separated from their parents due to exceptional emergency circumstances.

Many of these homes are run by married couples who, thanks to their life of renunciation, find a family environment that provides them with the necessary support to make up for their emotional and affective deficiencies. Once the child has been placed and through a personalized follow-up, we try to integrate the child in the educational level, if the age allows it, and in the other programs of the center.

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