Solidarity Economy

We promote the solidarity economy as an activity that takes into account people, the environment and sustainable and sustainable development, as a priority reference above other interests.

Under various formulas, the Social and Solidarity Economy is a way of life that encompasses the integrality of people and designates the subordination of the economy to its true purpose: to provide in a sustainable way the material bases for the personal, social and environmental development of being human, social initiatives, so it is not identified according to material benefits, but is defined according to quality of life and well-being. We work with universal values that govern our projects: equity, justice, economic fraternity, social solidarity and direct democracy. And, therefore, a new way of producing, consuming and distributing, is proposed as a viable and sustainable alternative for the satisfaction of individual and global needs, aspiring to consolidate itself as an instrument of social transformation.

At REMAR we continue working and promoting a solidarity economy, opening doors and sustainability to the most disadvantaged, because there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Acts 20:35

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