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“Always at the service of god and of all human beings, unconditional LY at his disposal.”

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Since 1982, the complete vision of REMAR ONG has led the association to get directly involved in emergency situations caused by armed conflicts, natural disasters and humanitarian contingencies of all kinds, displacing volunteer and missionary hot spots with aid shipments and humanitarian action of first necessity.

Our objectives are:

  • FOOD

S.O.S. REMAR works in emergency situations providing humanitarian aid focused on meeting the basic needs of those affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts in the countries where we work, guaranteeing the rights of children and improving their living conditions through safe spaces.

“REMAR has attended thousands of emergencies, among which are the earthquake in Haiti or the floods in Brazil and other natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Peru, which mainly affected the cities of Ica, Pisco, Chincha and Cañete; A Base Camp was installed in an area of 1,200 m2 in the district of Guadalupe-Expansión Urbana, with a team of technicians, bricklayers, electricians, volunteers and missionaries willing to provide all assistance to the victims in the preparation of food, medical care , provision of clothing, food, etc., where we daily provide breakfast and lunch to more than 1,200 people, and donated clothing, milk, footwear and toys were distributed to families in the area and sent by REMAR Spain.

“In recognition of the effort and work carried out, the municipality of the place granted a 7,920 m2 plot of land, where REMAR plans to build a Multi-purpose Maternal and Child Home.

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Emergency in Ukraine

Since the outbreak of the war against Ukraine by the Russian Government, our entity has launched a series of actions in order to offer and facilitate humanitarian aid for the thousands of people who are being expelled from their cities. For our organization, addressing the humanitarian emergency is part of the mechanisms we put in place every time a humanitarian crisis occurs due to armed or environmental conflict. Our positioning in Europe and mainly in the Eastern countries of the continent favors and facilitates that the aid reaches those who need it most.

SOS Syria

Since 2009 REMAR has been helping the rehabilitation of many Greeks, given the high number of drug addicts in the city of Athens. At the moment it is focused on humanitarian aid to refugees who have just arrived on Greek beaches, providing food and clothing in Lesbos and Malakasa to more than 3,200 people a day.

International Action Coronavirus

The world community faces a crisis of greater scale, urgency and complexity. For millions of people, this pandemic has exacerbated hunger, poverty, conflict and gender inequality, all of which have the potential to be equal to or even more deadly than the virus itself.

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