An example of commitment on World NGO Day

On World NGO Day, we highlight REMAR’s work in transforming lives in more than 70 countries

On World NGO Day, we celebrate the altruistic work of organizations, which become beacons of hope in a world full of needs. Inequalities, poverty, wars, natural disasters and humanitarian crises are just some challenges faced every day, leaving millions of people in situations of extreme vulnerability.

The need for NGOs:

Given the immensity of these problems, the action of NGOs becomes essential. These organizations complement the work of governments, making up for shortcomings and reaching where public institutions cannot always.

Why are NGOs necessary?:

  • Their humanitarian approach: NGOs focus on the most vulnerable people, providing them with direct assistance and support.
  • Their capacity for action: Thanks to their flexibility and speed, NGOs can act effectively in emergency situations.
  • Their commitment to the community: NGOs work closely with local communities, strengthening them and promoting their development.
  • Their transparency and accountability: NGOs are subject to strict controls and evaluations, which guarantee transparency in the use of resources.

REMAR ONG: Tireless work for more than 40 years

The NGO REMAR, throughout its more than 40 years of experience, works in 70 countries, providing humanitarian aid, support, and assistance to thousands of people.   Their work, based on love of neighbor, compassion, solidarity, and commitment to the most disadvantaged, has made a difference in the lives of thousands of children, young people and adults who throughout these years have been part of the organization.

Its action is developed in different areas such as:

  • Help in the rehabilitation and reintegration of people with addiction problems
  • Attention to homeless people: Offers shelter, food, assistance, spiritual and emotional support to people living on the streets.
  • Aid to Refugees and Disaster Victims: Provides emergency humanitarian assistance to people displaced by war, natural disasters, or humanitarian crises.
  • Education, protection and reception   for children and young people. It offers comprehensive care, coverage of all basic needs and provides education   for children and youth at risk.
  • Elderly care: Offers care   and protection for older people who are abandoned or vulnerable.
  • Prevention of drug addiction and alcoholism: Implements prevention and treatment programs for people with addiction problems, providing them with support and tools for their recovery.
  • Promotion of education and training: They facilitate access to education and training for people who do not have opportunities, especially in communities that live in extreme poverty.
  • Development of international cooperation projects: Implements development projects in communities in developing countries, with the aim of improving their living conditions.

Support REMAR and change lives

On   World NGO Day we call for action so that more people can join and be part of the change of thousands of lives of vulnerable people. 

How can you support REMAR?

  • Become a volunteer: Offer your time and talent to collaborate in the different REMAR projects.
  • Make a donation: Your help can make a big difference in the lives of many people.

We can all be part of the change. 

A small gesture on our part can have a big impact on the lives of the most disadvantaged.

Make a donation

To always give with love

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