Do want to be a volunteer in response to this humanitarian crisis?

REMAR SOS and Messengers of Peace, working in unity to continue helping the most helpless and needy, showing God’s love to everyone who comes looking for help.

Faced with the imminent situation of war, urgency, pain and anguish that the people of Ukraine are experiencing, the NGO REMAR has activated the emergency protocol REMAR SOS and teams of volunteers from REMAR Romania have begun to move towards the border with Ukraine, to bring first aid to the victims who are suffering from this extreme and desperate situation, who have fled their homes.

Points where we operate

Cadea (Rumania)

Cadea, a town 40 minutes from Oradea, REMAR SOS and Messengers of Peace have established a help point for refugees emigrating from Ukraine and moving to other cities in Europe. This place is located in the facilities of a school, in a three-story building that has been enabled to serve more than 40 people daily, where they are provided with assistance, a warm place to stay,bed, food, hot drinks and clothing, in this place, they can rest and wait for their transfer.

Siret (Rumania)

In the city of Siret, Romania, a logistics warehouse center has been created, from where all the resources received will be stored, which will be sent periodically to the help points that have been set up, through which hundreds of people pass daily.

Chernivtsi (Ukraine)

Remar in Ukraine Chernivtsi, where they built the one thousand meter large tent, to supply food and essential products to thousands of people who are in that place and need urgent help. 40 km Border with SIRET ROMANIA.

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