Food distribution, Remar USA

DATE : May 24, 2022 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Due to the crisis of COVID 19, Remar USA has been giving since the start of the pandemic boxes of food to thousands of families. And continues to help those who need it. This year many families have been dealing with the outcome of the pandemic, the economic crisis it has caused to many families. […]


Remar Miami sharing with those in need.

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For the love of God we work serving the community in the city of Miami. Remar in Miami develops a care programs for people at risk of social exclusion, people with drug or alcohol addiction problems, offering them a home for their rehabilitation and there recovery. Remar Miami distributes food to needy families, especially since […]


Remar USA a source of help and support

DATE : October 5, 2020 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

In the city of Miami, Florida, from the start of the confinement until today, 6 months later, the volunteers of the NGO Remar continue to give help to hundreds of people and families in need, increasing the number of beneficiaries every week. Long lines of vehicles form each week to receive the aid that the […]


Remar USA sharing in difficult times always sharing

DATE : April 2, 2020 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

Following the instructions of the city authorities, the NGO REMAR in Miami, Florida, continues to feed the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, where many people, men and women, homeless people without a shelter, accompanied by their few belongings, come to receive food, drinks and word of hope through the missionaries, volunteers and collaborators of REMAR USA. […]