Humanitarian aid container arrives at Remar Ivory Coast

The volunteers and missionaries of REMAR in Ivory Coast have received with great enthusiasm and joy the container of humanitarian aid sent from REMAR Spain with material, clothes, shoes, various articles, furniture, food and other goods, which will be of great help to continue giving support to the work and to the homes for children, young people, men, women, families, mothers with children and people in the process of rehabilitation that work in that place.

We are very grateful to REMAR Spain for the effort they make in the preparation of each container of aid that we receive and that serves to strengthen the development of all the activities we carry out, helping hundreds of people every day,” says the team of volunteers that REMAR in Ivory Coast.

The needs of the population in this country are many, with a high rate of poverty, child malnutrition, unemployment, lack of drinking water, resources, health, etc. However, all the people who live in our foster homes, have decent living conditions, children and young people grow and develop in a family environment, with education and all their needs covered.

REMAR Spain and Remar Ivory Coast will continue to work together to continue helping and blessing the most vulnerable in this country.

“The Lord will have mercy on the poor king of the needy,And will save the lives of the poor.” Psalm 

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