In the midst of chaos, Remar Haiti is a place full of hope.


It could be said that Haiti is living one of the most difficult times in its history, due to the social, political and economic crisis that the entire population is facing in many other areas. In the midst of this extreme, difficult and needy situation, the NGO REMAR is working with love and dedication in favor of the children and young people who live under its protection, facing life with hope and the will to live.


It is not easy to live in this country and be indifferent to the pain and need that thousands of people live, today we want to share some relevant data of the current situation in Haiti:


According to calculations and reports of the United Nations, Haiti today has reached the record number of 4.7 million people in extreme hunger, 1.8 million in emergency phase and for the first time, a level classified as catastrophic in which thousands of people are.

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Schools have closed and have not been able to open in September, when the school year begins, until a few days ago, which is also affecting many children who receive food through the educational institutions.


Haiti is also experiencing a health crisis, due to the poor conditions and violence that armed gangs have provoked, preventing access to food and drinking water, blocking streets, ports and areas, which has generated an outbreak of cholera, as there had not been for many years, with many people dying as a result of this situation.


In addition to all the above, Haiti is extremely vulnerable to inclement weather, due to the high deforestation of the


The country suffers from several tropical storms, hurricanes and severe floods during the year, which cause devastation in agricultural plantations and in the poorest areas.

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However, the children and young people who are part of REMAR Haiti, live in a safe climate, in an environment full of peace, making a normal life to which any child has the right, learning every day, receiving education, food, care and with all their basic needs covered, in a family environment, protected with love and care.


Today more than ever they need our help, our solidarity, that we give them a helping hand, so that they lack nothing and move forward, because even in the midst of the chaos that the country lives, our children and young people of REMAR Haiti live full of joy and hope.


“But for the poor, O Lord, you are like a shelter from the storm, a shade from the heat, a refuge from cruel men, you keep them in trouble.” Isaiah 25:4


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