REMAR Bolivia successfully closes the XV International Congress

With the motto “Sensible Virgins,” hundreds of people gathered for three days of unity and edification

With a renewed spirit and a firm commitment to continue transforming lives, REMAR Bolivia closed its XV International Congress   with the motto “Sensible Virgins”, held in the city of La Paz from February 2 to 4. The event brought together pastors from the Body of Christ Churches, directors of REMAR from Peru and Ecuador, and hundreds of brothers in Christ for a weekend of edification, plenaries, and the word of God.

Special visit by Miguel Díez and Maricarmen Jiménez

As part of the Congress, there was a visit from the pastor and president of the NGO REMAR, Miguel Díez, and his wife Maricarmen Jiménez. During their visit, they visited different cities and towns to witness   first-hand the invaluable work carried out by REMAR Bolivia volunteers in favor of orphaned children, low-income families, people with addictions, abused women and mothers with children.

Edification, plenaries and word of God

The plenary sessions were also led by Jon Ugalde, pastor and director of REMAR Bolivia; Miguel Mate, pastor and director of REMAR Peru; Antonio García, director of REMAR Ecuador; and Oscar Muñoz, president of Iglesias Evangelicas Unidas, who shared the word of God.

A Congress full of fruits

During the three days of the congress, participants enjoyed times of praise, worship,   dance, theater, music, plenary sessions and the word of God. They were days of great blessing for all attendees, who strengthened their faith,   through the word of God, learning how   through the filling of the Holy Spirit one can be one of the sensible virgins, who with the anointing oil, always

They will keep their lamps burning.

Solidarity Dinner and Solidarity Heart Award

An emotional event was the Solidarity Dinner that brought together 130 businessmen. After learning about REMAR’s work through videos, attendees reaffirmed their commitment to continue supporting the work in Bolivia. On the occasion, the Solidarity Heart Award was presented to those businessmen who stand out for their social commitment and their constant collaboration in continuing to help the most disadvantaged.

“Persevering Women” Meeting:

Women also had a special space in Congress with the “Persevering Women” Meeting, led by Maricarmen Jiménez. A meeting where experiences, advice and words of encouragement were shared to continue as women persevering in faith in the face of any adversity that life presents.

Presentation of the Book Prophetic Words

On the occasion of the   XV International Congress “Sensible Virgins”, a Pastors’ Breakfast was held where Miguel Díez, pastor and president of REMAR, presented his book “Prophetic Words”. a book of utmost importance to acquire and know for the times we are living in.

A thank you to the great REMAR family

REMAR Bolivia expresses its deepest gratitude to all the volunteers, missionaries, friends, collaborators and companies that made the success of the XV International Congress “Sensible Virgins” possible. Their invaluable support and commitment were fundamental to the development of this very special event.

REMAR Bolivia invites everyone to continue being part of this great family that works tirelessly for the love of God and neighbor. With hearts full of solidarity and compassion, REMAR is dedicated to transforming lives and building a   better future for those most in need.

You can be part of this great family

REMAR in Bolivia has been working since 1997 helping the most disadvantaged, doing a labor of love and compassion for children and youth, adult men and women, families and seniors,   fighting to improve the living conditions of those They arrive at your doors continually.

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