REMAR Burkina Faso receives a container of humanitarian aid

“The Lord will have mercy on the poor and needy, And will save the lives of the poor.” Psalm 72:13

Donations from REMAR Spain will help thousands of children and young people in vulnerable situations

The arrival of a container of humanitarian aid to REMAR Burkina Faso is always a party and a great celebration. Children and young people, who are the main beneficiaries of this aid, are filled with joy when they see each container arrive loaded with many donations and help for the entire community.

The last container that arrived, from REMAR Spain, was completely filled with necessities, clothing, footwear, furniture, miscellaneous items, cleaning products,   solar panels and a vehicle.

A gift of hope

The solar panels will be used to generate electricity in the REMAR foster homes, which will improve the living conditions of the children and young people who reside there. The vehicle, for its part, will be used to transport the children and carry out work activities that REMAR volunteers do every day in Burkina Faso.

30 years of commitment to those most in need

The arrival of this container is another example of the commitment of REMAR Spain, joining forces with REMAR Burkina Faso, to continue providing help to those most in need. REMAR has been working in Burkina Faso since 1994, 30 years helping thousands of children and young people who have been abandoned or who live in extreme poverty.

Poverty in Burkina Faso, a widespread problem

In Burkina Faso, poverty is a widespread problem.   Thousands of people do not have access to basic resources to satisfy their primary needs, such as food, housing, health or education.

Children and young people are the most affected by poverty. Many of them are abandoned by their families, are forced to work to survive, or fall into crime.

The work of REMAR in Burkina Faso, an opportunity for the future

REMAR Burkina Faso works to help these children and young people overcome poverty and build a better future. REMAR offers children and young people a home, education, professional training and support like a big family.

Thanks to God and the work of REMAR, thousands of children and young people in Burkina Faso have had the opportunity to have a dignified life.

Collaborate with REMAR Burkina Faso and change the life of a child

You can also join and collaborate so that more children and young people can be reached, change their way of life and have opportunities to which every child is entitled.

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To always give with love

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