REMAR NGO and CODUE together in favor of Dominican children and youth

Both organizations strengthen collaboration ties to provide comprehensive support to children and young people in vulnerable situations

Representatives of REMAR Spain, Jose Jesús García Porcel and his wife Rebeca Díez, together with those responsible for REMAR in the Dominican Republic and members of the Dominican Council of Evangelical Unity (CODUE), have met in the city of Santo Domingo with the aim of strengthening unity and restart joint work for the benefit of Dominican children and youth.

Collaboration for the common good

The union between the NGO REMAR in the Dominican Republic and CODUE will provide significant support to the work that REMAR carries out for the benefit of dozens of Dominican children. REMAR will also participate in various activities organized by CODUE to publicize its work in the community, promoting support and improvement of the living conditions of children living under its protection in Santo Domingo.


The Dominican Council of Evangelical Unity (CODUE) brings together the broadest representation of churches and evangelical Christian organizations in the Dominican Republic. Its active role makes it a key reference for the national evangelical community, both in the public (state) and private sectors, and also at the international level with institutions that share its same goals. CODUE also acts as an advisory body to the State on matters of general interest when circumstances warrant.

About REMAR in the Dominican Republic

Since 1999, REMAR opened its doors in the Dominican Republic and keeps them open permanently to offer shelter, protection, shelter and refuge to boys, girls and young people who, due to adverse situations, suffer mistreatment, domestic violence, abuse, extreme poverty, orphanhood and live at risk.

The work and commitment of REMAR through the work of its volunteers has always been to ensure the improvement of the living conditions of these children and young people, providing them with a home, a new way of life, food, clothing and footwear, covering all their needs. basic. In addition, it offers them education, medical care, instills in them faith and love for God, and strives every day so that they can have a dignified life, like the one that every child has the right to live.

A message of hope

This strategic alliance between REMAR Spain and CODUE represents a message of hope for Dominican children and youth. The collaboration between both entities will provide opportunities for development and well-being to the community.

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