REMAR Peru gives smiles to children from the Casas Hogar de Lima

REMAR Peru offers a day of joy and hope to the children of the Casas Hogar de Lima with games, special activities and a message of love

The volunteers from the NGO REMAR Perú organized an unforgettable afternoon full of fun, joy and teaching for the children of the Casas Hogar de Lima. Dozens of children from Cercado de Lima, Chorrillos, Callao and Villa María del Triunfo gathered to enjoy an event full of surprises and special activities.

Children of all ages enthusiastically participated in games, contests, face painting, songs, choreography, competitions and a delicious snack. Additionally, they enjoyed a movie and most importantly, they received a message of love and hope based on the word of God.

An unforgettable day of joy for children

“It is a day of great joy for us to be able to share with these children and give them a moment of happiness,” said one of the REMAR Peru volunteers. “Our goal is for them to feel loved, valued and have the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon full of fun and learning in the faith and love of God.”

The organization thanked all the collaborators who made this activity possible, which adds to the continuous efforts of REMAR Peru to provide support and protection to the most vulnerable children in the community.

About REMAR Peru

REMAR Perú is a non-profit NGO that has been working for more than 30 years in the fight against poverty, social exclusion and addiction. The organization offers comprehensive support programs to families, children, youth and adults in vulnerable situations, through Casas Hogar, rehabilitation centers, soup kitchens and training workshops.

Quality education for a better future

REMAR Peru also has the School that provides opportunities to more than 300 children and young people who live in vulnerable situations. With an unwavering commitment to quality education, the institution opens its doors to students from Remar children’s homes in Lima, as well as low-income children from various areas of the city.

A fundamental pillar in the community

Beyond imparting academic knowledge, the Remar Educational Institution becomes a fundamental pillar in the community, providing its students with a warm, comfortable and safe educational environment. In their classrooms, children not only learn basic subjects, but also develop essential Christian values ​​such as responsibility, respect and solidarity.

Be part of the transformation

Do you want to be part of the joy of many children, continue changing futures and transform lives? Collaborate with REMAR Perú, your help changes lives.

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To always give with love

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