Remar, sending containers.

From Portugal to Swaziland

Remar Swaziland has been greatly blessed with the arrival of a new container. The humanitarian aid received from Europe is a blessing for the children of Remar in this country, it is also a form of helping Swaziland grow and develop, to reach more people in need.

How good is it that we remember the need that others are going through and that we have the intention to help.

Once again the volunteers of the ONG Remar in Portugal, together with the ministry Partinha Constante have made this a reality.

We are grateful to the volunteers and the companies, that contribute their grain of sand to make this reality possible, so that we can continue blessing and supporting the social work that the NGO Remar overtakes in the neediest countries.

Remar has been working in Swaziland since 2000, a country with an area of just over 17,000 square kilometers and a million inhabitants. A country that doesn’t escape the social problems of addictions and exclusion, which is why the NGO Remar maintains homes to continue to receive people in need throughout the years.

Remar Greece receives container.

From Remar Greece, we would like to thank the “Fondazione Progetto Arca onlus de Milano” for donating a container of humanitarian aid for the refugee camps in Greece.

A container containing food supplies, sanitary products, clothes, toys, masks and several pallets of Bauli croissant, which will be of great help in the refugee camps.

Winter and cold temperatures will soon arrive our help continues, and therefore we need support to carry on working.

Thousands of people in the refugee camps in Greece will face another winter living in tents.

Help us to continue improving their lives.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1

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