REMAR USA: Solidarity, love, and compassion for the most needy

I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.” Psalm 140:12 NVI

Children, youth, and the REMAR community in the Dominican Republic will benefit

The REMAR USA ONG bid farewell to the month of December by sending the last humanitarian aid container of the year 2023 to the Dominican Republic. The 40-foot container contained furniture, household items, appliances, and essential items.

The container was loaded with donations from local residents, and REMAR USA volunteers worked for several days to collect and classify the items.

The aid will benefit children, youth, and families in vulnerable situations.

This container will be distributed among the foster homes of REMAR in the Dominican Republic. REMAR homes in Santo Domingo provide shelter and comprehensive care to children and youth in vulnerable situations.

“It is a blessing that through the work and collection of donations, REMAR USA volunteers can be instruments of help for the well-being of other countries,” mentions the REMAR USA volunteer team.

REMAR is an international NGO working in the prevention of drug addiction, crime, and social exclusion. The organization has a presence in more than 70 countries.

Benefits of the container:

  • Equip REMAR’s foster homes, providing children and youth with a dignified and comfortable living space.
  • Support families in the community by providing essential items.
  • Promote community development by supporting entrepreneurial and social projects.

REMAR extends gratitude to all individuals who made this humanitarian aid shipment possible. The work of love and compassion will bear fruit in the lives of many people eagerly awaiting the arrival of this container.

An ONG working for the good of the community:

REMAR USA has been operating for over 32 years in South Florida, assisting people facing social exclusion. REMAR USA offers a wide range of services, including:

Addiction Rehabilitation: REMAR USA has a rehabilitation center for individuals struggling with drug, alcohol, and other substance addictions. The center provides a comprehensive program in a natural setting at Montura Ranch, helping people overcome addiction issues and offering spiritual support.

Support for Low-Income Families: Volunteers from REMAR USA distribute varied food boxes weekly to dozens of low-income families, providing support to the community and individuals at risk.

Homeless Outreach: REMAR USA weekly provides a special dinner to the homeless, sharing not only material sustenance but also spiritual nourishment, words of faith, and hope.

Humanitarian Aid: REMAR USA sends containers of humanitarian aid to developing countries, containing food, clothing, and essential items distributed to those in need. In 2023, REMAR USA sent several containers of humanitarian aid to countries such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other Central American countries.

Work Done with Love: The work of REMAR USA is made possible by God, the efforts of volunteers, missionaries, and the generosity of individuals and companies donating resources to this work of love and mercy.

REMAR USA is an organization working with passion and commitment for the good of the community. With the help of God, REMAR USA is transforming lives and assisting those who need it most.

Would you like to help children, youth, and families in the Dominican Republic? Your donation will help provide them with the essential items they need to live with dignity.

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