Smiles and Toys for Many Children in Bolivia

Children from low-income families, very happy to receive toys for the year-end celebrations

Remar Bolivia delivered toys to children from low-income families at the Women’s Home “El Castillo” and the Solidarity Dining Hall. This special activity took place with the participation of Dr. Adrián Henry Ascarrunz Carrillo, Technical Director of the Departmental Health Service (SEDES) of La Paz. Dr. Ascarrunz made the donation of toys possible through his commitment to vulnerable children.

The boys and girls were very happy with the toys, which allowed them to enjoy a moment of joy, activities, and an unforgettable time.

“We are very grateful to Dr. Ascarrunz for his generosity,” said a representative of Remar Bolivia, Jon Ugalde. “His support allows us to reach more children in vulnerable situations and provide them with a moment of happiness.”

The activity also had the participation of volunteers from Remar Bolivia, who collaborated in the distribution of toys and in the organization of the activity.

“We thank God for compassionate people and hearts that make this delivery of toys and gifts possible. We feel grateful and joyful to be able to share this moment with so many children and their families,” Ugalde pointed out.

Remar Bolivia: A beacon of hope for the most in need

Remar Bolivia is a charitable organization that works with hundreds of disadvantaged people in the country. The organization offers a wide range of services, including:

Attention to children and young people at risk

Remar Bolivia operates shelters for children and young people who have been abandoned, mistreated, or living in conditions of extreme poverty. In these centers, children receive comprehensive care, including education, nutrition, medical attention, and emotional support.

Support for vulnerable families

Remar Bolivia provides support to vulnerable families, offering food, clothing, medical assistance, and other services. REMAR Bolivia volunteers also work to improve the living conditions of many families in poverty.

Rehabilitation of people with addiction problems:

Remar Bolivia offers rehabilitation programs for people with drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction problems. Remar’s rehabilitation programs are comprehensive and focus on helping individuals overcome their addiction and rebuild their lives.

You can help Remar Bolivia continue to reach more children and people in poverty. Your collaboration can change lives!

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