The ONG REMAR in Bolivia brings support and hope to the prisoners of Palmasola

“God makes the homeless live in families; he brings out the captives to prosperity; But the rebels dwell in dry land.” Psalms 68:6

At Christmas 2023, the ONG REMAR BOLIVIA has had a very special experience in Santa Cruz, specifically in the Palmasola Penitentiary Center, in the sections PC-3B and PC2. This season has been especially significant due to the great need that exists in the hearts of Bolivians, not only for physical food, but also for spiritual support.

A special Christmas season

We have sought to bring joy, hope, and solidarity to those who are going through difficult circumstances. During this time, a Christmas lunch and a large chocolate bar were shared with the residents of the penitentiary center. Recreational activities, gifts, and a Bible raffle were held.

In addition, there was a beautiful moment of praise and reflection on the true meaning of Christmas.

Gratitude to the authorities and to God

The NGO would like to express its gratitude to the government authorities for allowing them to carry out these activities among the prison population.

We also express our gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ, who sows hope in all his children and allows us to be instruments of his love. “May God bless you all!” said Jon Ugalde, Director of the ONG REMAR in that country.

A labor of love and hope

REMAR BOLIVIA is a non-profit organization that works with people in vulnerable situations in Bolivia. The organization offers a variety of programs and services, including:

Help in feeding

REMAR BOLIVIA operates soup kitchens that provide food to low-income people. The organization also distributes food to families in need throughout the country.

Help children

Remar Bolivia offers a program to help children and youth, through its soup kitchens, providing food and school support to hundreds of low-income children who attend daily.

Social reintegration programs

REMAR BOLIVIA works with people with alcohol and drug addiction problems. The organization offers rehabilitation and reintegration programs to help these people reintegrate into society.

Comprehensive help and support

REMAR BOLIVIA offers spiritual support to people who are going through difficult times. The organization runs events, workshops and courses to help people find hope and purpose in their lives.

REMAR Bolivia is an organization that works with passion and commitment to help people in need. The organization’s work is an example of love and hope in a world that is often difficult and discouraging.

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